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Z,R Revolve


Back in 2007 when I was originally working on the sculpt tools I was contacted by the author of this article, Kiwini Oe, who explained that he had used the tool to make a series of sculpt maps which when animated looked like ripples in water.

Texture resolution:
256 x 256 pixels
128 x 128 pixels
64 x 64 pixels (default)

Image format:
PNG (default)

Sculpt mapping:
Sphere (pinch the poles, stitched edges)
Cylinder (no pinching, stitched edges)
Torus (stitched poles, stitched edges)
Plane (no pinching, no stitching)

Invert sculpt:
Invert sculpt texture (flip horizontally)

In a bid to recreate the ripples animation I've set up the following parameters to make a set of ripples. Vary the time step and upload each sculpt map to SL then, using a script, quickly swap between sculpt maps to animate.
Period, distance between waves (peak to peak)
Amplitude, starting heigh of the waves (use the max available, gives smoother results)
Amplitude fall-off, how much the amplitude degrades each period
Time, value between 0 and 1 to define where we are in the phase (use values like 0, 0.2, 0.4, 0.6, 0.8 for just 5 sculpts or increments of 0.05 for many sculpts)

Outline Preview

Waves using the default parameters.